Jun 10 2018

The very popular Jellicoe Street carpark is getting some much deserved pampering.

Over the next week, 11 - 15 June, the Jellicoe Street carpark will have the current parking bay lines removed in preparation for reconfiguration and repainting. The reconfiguration of the current spaces will provide for a handful of additional parks and a change of allocated space around the Vector Lights solar battery site. 

The closure of the carpark will take place at night to minimise the impact on visitors to Wynyard Quarter. All cars must be removed from the carpark by 11pm. Any remaining vehicles will be towed.

The removal of the existing carparking lines will require high pressure machinery. This machinery will emit an expected noise at 90dB at a five meter perimeter. 

The removal of the line markings will take approximately four hours per section. The car park will re-open each morning at 5am. 

This work is weather dependent.