Feb 11 2015

Strolling cool urban laneways, never quite sure where the next turn will take you is one of the best parts of a exploring a city and soon that will be something you can experience in Wynyard Quarter.

Over the next few years the place Aucklanders love to visit will soon be an inner city village buzzing with people who live and work in the area, hotel guests at the new Park Hyatt hotel,  people heading to a show at the new ASB Waterfront Theatre and people enjoying  parks, public spaces and events on the waterfront.

For people who choose to live and work in Wynyard Quarter the area requires amenities like healthcare and childcare facilities, a community centre and shops to help create a vibrant, interesting community and so it is easy for people to get what they need without having to travel.

Between Madden and Pakenham streets, where apartments, terrace and mews type houses meet commercial office buildings, a network of laneways will connect and act as the veins of the central part of Wynyard Quarter, pumping life and character between the spaces.

Waterfront Auckland, together with Willis Bond and Co, the residential developer and Precinct Properties the commercial developer are working hard to make these laneways full of character, so that they are enticing to explore and meet the needs of the local community.

Work is currently being done to design the laneways and the exterior of the buildings that connect them. Consideration is going in to surface treatment, the varying types of building facades and planting and even how wide the spaces are and what vehicle amenity is required.

Waterfront Auckland has recently begun working with Mike Cullen from Urbacity to help us identify the ground floor uses of the area. We are working through the types of shops we need and how many are required to meet a population of around 25,000 workers, 3,000 residents and around one million visitors annually by 2030, where shops are best located to create a great experience and even when the area will have enough workers and residents to sustain certain types of businesses.

For Mike Cullen the strategy for ground floor use in the central part of Wynyard Quarter “seeks to round out and enhance the experience of people either in the area or visiting the area for reasons other than its retail offer. The main focus of the strategy will be to make the precinct a visually rich place that stands culturally relevant and authentic to all Aucklanders”.

It is an exciting time as we plan out quirky laneways, the mix of community uses and shops to further expand the Wynyard Quarter experience.