Daldy street Park

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand Erin Forsyth is the creator of the mural on the corner of Madden and Jellicoe St.

Artist Erin Forsyth has brought some creative flair into Wynyard Quarter with the creation of a mural on the corner of Madden and Daldy streets.

Check out a time-lapse of the mural here.

What was behind this mural?

For me, I have always found a certain solace and wonder in being by the ocean. Framed by the tumultuous west coast and the calm of the east coast, the Auckland isthmus and ecological region is a special place for me. I wanted to create a piece that alludes to this personal relationship, the ethereal and the real. But an equal, if not greater objective was to create a piece that may allow others to contemplate their own relationship to the natural environment of our oceans. This was particularly important to me because of the location of the piece.

The anonymous, luminous figure is seemingly submersed in the deep darkness of the sea, the night sky or time, framed by brightly coloured flora and fauna. This anonymous heroine also holds her fingers in the shape of the peace sign. The inclusion of Neptune's cart, drawn by potbellied sea-horses, was a last minute addition and is intended as a light-hearted comment on sustainable transport. 

For me, the harmonious juxtaposition of these key elements of the composition allow for further consideration of balance and closeness of being in the natural world - so dangerously easy to lose sight of this technological age.

Each of these three elements - the alluring female figure, peace sign and flora and fauna - has been chosen for their contemporary archetypal value.

I hope people visiting the mural will enjoy it, maybe take the time to think about marine life, take a photo emulating the peace sign and maybe even enjoy their own small solace.

She is a believer in creative thought and creative application. Erin has worked prolifically as an artist, illustrator and freelance curator for over a decade. Her practice currently focuses on painting and illustration but includes a range of creative disciplines from oil painting, moving image and aerosol art to independent publication, curation and exhibition coordination. Exploration of archetypal imagery and image as communication weaves a continued theme throughout all of Erin's work from murals, to record labels to illustrations.

Her candidly dark illustrations and paintings have featured in local and international publications such as Metro, Viva, Remix, The Periodic Journal, King Brown, Lurve, Pulp, Yen and Black magazines.

Check out more of Erin's work on her website, and instagram.