Sunday 9 September - Monday 1 October

Into the Underworld is an exhibition about the suburban lava caves of Auckland.

Into the Underworld is a debut exhibition by artist Chirag Jindal in collaboration with speleologist Peter Crossley, and follows 3 years of advanced 3D mapping of ancient Lava Caves under the suburbs of Mount Albert, Three Kings, Mount Eden, Mangere and One Tree Hill. The caves were formed out of local volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago, but without any legal framework during the 20th century, many of the discovered sites have been lost, destroyed, or become a hidden layer beneath the built environment. More than 200 cave entrances have been documented across the isthmus, often behind street-front garages, private backyards or under roadside manholes, with new sites still being uncovered.

For 3 weeks in September, the caves will be presented in an exhibition of immersive panoramic lightboxes and moving images, revealing the sublime and uncanny narrative of the city’s volcanic underground.


Where: Silo Park, Wynyard Quarter
Dates: September 9 to October 1
Time: Open daily from Midday - 9pm
Entry  to exhibition: by Koha (donation)


Join us for the opening night of Into The Underworld from 6.30pm inside the tall, dark columns of Silo 6, Wynyard Quarter. The exhibition will feature new works and pieces including contributions by author Malcolm Paterson and a newly-recorded ambient score by award-winning composer Peter Hobbs.

Tickets are $16.63 and include refreshments with a choice of beer, wine or non-alcoholic drinks, as well as a selection of nibbles and platters. Please RSVP  here.

Come join us in the evening on Saturday 15th September at Silo 6 to witness performances by multi-instrumental improviser and award-winning composer Peter Hobbs, accompanied by New Zealand-based violinist Charmian Keay and multi-talented cellist Maxine Cunliffe. Peter Hobbs is a composer and sound artist based in The Waitakere Ranges, Auckland. His films scores and sound design have won awards in America, Europe and New Zealand and he has recorded and toured with the bands Lost Demos and Kitset. He is interested in how music interacts with the symbiotic relationship of people and place.

Tickets are $16.63. Please RSVP  here.

Join us for an evening of drinks and canapes at the "Into the Underworld" exhibition inside the tall, dark columns of Silo 6, Wynyard Quarter. The event will bring in the first publication of critical texts, including an introductory essay by Carl Douglas (AUT), as well as pieces by Chris Barton (University of Auckland), Lynda Simmons (A+W, University of Auckland) and Dr. Ruth Watson (Elam School of Fine Arts).

There is no cost for this event but due to a limit on numbers, please RSVP to claim your spot  here.

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