9 December 2017

A never seen before free exhibition of Auckland's forgotten lava caves

Into the Underworld explores the subterranean lava caves in the central Auckland isthmus. For two weeks in December, caves under the suburbs of Mount Albert, Three Kings, Mount Eden and One Tree Hill will be showcased in an exhibition of immersive prints, moving images and 3D printed models, revealing the extraordinary narrative of the city’s forgotten volcanic underground.

The exhibition will also feature screenings of Meet Peter, a 2017 fresh shorts documentary by filmmaker Gemma Duncan on Peter and his life documenting over 200 caves across the city. Through artful cinematography, the film accounts the derelict state of these forgotten sites, but frames them within the beauty of their fossilised lava flows.

Venue schedule 

9 - 24 December 2017 in Silo 6

For more info see their website or Facebook page.