Shared dining and ‘mezze’ cuisine from Turkey and Greece, influenced by Ottoman kitchens of the past.

Feriza’s Kitchen bar and Gozleme is the culmination of brother and sister team Alex and Feriza Isik's 20+ years of creating Ottoman dishes together, with the aim to take the cuisine to a new level, through illustrating the charm that can be found in the foundations of Ottoman dining. 

A symbol of togetherness with the dinner table at the centre of the family. The emphasis is on shared dining, and a continuation of the cuisines of Turkey, Greece and culinary tradition from across the empire's, well known for its ‘mezze’ and sharing culture. The service is fast, friendly and fun, like dining with family. The menu reflects the diversity from the very traditional to the contemporary, from village dishes to dishes influenced by the Ottoman kitchens of the past. 

Gozleme is one of the stars of Feriza’s menu. The traditional dish, the first thing their mother taught them to cook – and is what ignited Feriza's and Alex’s passion for cooking, with ‘Raki’ and its accompanied toasting etiquette at ‘The Mastik Table’ a must try. 

Feriza’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a kiosk as a grab and go option.

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday: 9am till late

12 Jellicoe Street,

(09) 600 2088