Come on down to Daldy Street for some fresh herbs and vegetables and on occasion some gardening workshops to hone your green thumb!

Te Māra Hapori o Te Tiriti o Daldy (the Daldy Street Community Garden) has been created to raise awareness for the importance of sustainable and healthy living, as well as creating a place where the community can come together to pick herbs and vegetables whilst socialising and doing their bit to help the environment.  

You're welcome to pick a little, but only from boxes with a green marker. Boxes with a red marker are either not ready for picking, or are reserved for a special purpose.

At Te Māra Hapori o Te Tiriti o Daldy, ngāi tipu (flora) is grown so people can:

  • Grow and eat their own healthy kai
  • Learn about sustainability and regenerative farming
  • Preserve gardening skills and inspire the next generation
  • Support local charities.

Looked over by our amazing community volunteers and For the Bees, who hold fortnightly gardening workshops in the gardens.

Check them out on Facebook, or email