29 December 2017

Bug Lab is an experience created by bugs to show humans their genius traits.

Silo Park hosts a fantastically creepy, giant, glow-in-the-dark spider web as part of the Bug Lab - a blockbuster science exhibition at Auckland Zoo and developed by Te Papa and Weta Workshop. It'll be hanging about until 19 December.

The installation consists of a 9m x 9m spider web made from UV rope, with the addition of floodlights to illuminate the web after dark. During the day the web will be a huge draw card for children and adults alike – a 9m x 9m white spider web displaying itself in all it’s glory on the gantry, conveniently located near the vicinity of a playground and the Silo Park markets. At night the installation will illuminate and almost sparkle – with the UV rope being illuminated with black lights so the web will glow. 

Not only is this spider web visually striking, it’s as close to accurate as a 9m x 9m rope spider web can be! Te Papa’s spider experts have curated the designs so to ensure the final result is as close to how a real Katipo Spider web would be formed in pattern.