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Construction Updates for Park Hyatt

27 June 2019 
Work on the Park Hyatt is in its final stages. The ground floor will feature retail outlets, a public plaza and a promenade. Mana Whenua artworks are to be installed in the form of 4 four cultural pou.

Completion is anticipated in August 2019. The Park Hyatt’s official opening is on 30 August 2019, but the completion and opening dates are currently being revised by developers.


3 August 2017

The construction of the basement wall and column stitches are ongoing on the southern face. Promenade foundations works are 60% complete. Level one concrete slab pours are ongoing. Structural steel is 25% completed from level 1-4.

14 July 2017

The construction of the south core wall is in progress with the North Core wall from level 1 to 2 also in progress. Swimming pool slab formworks are in progress and the basement ramp construction has commenced


6 June 2017

Structural steel work erection has commenced with completion in the first area due in Mid-June. Reinforcing works are ongoing in the central core. The basement precast panels will be completed in early June. Service investigation works are due to commence on the Halsey Street footpath and pedestrian detours will be in place.


26 April 2017

Basement concrete floors have been completed. Beams for the static concrete pump have arrived and due to be installed. North core second lift works have commenced. Structural  steel is due to commence late April.

27 March 2017

50% of the basement ground beam is complete and level 1 support structure continues. Level 1 promenade construction is due to commence.


8 March 2017

The basement excavation is now complete. Foundation works are 50% complete. Works has commenced on the level 1 support structure.

15 February 2017

The second tower crane was installed on 4 February. First slab pour of 120m3 was completed on 20 January. North core ground beam pour is scheduled to be completed. Second basement slab pour is programmed for mid-February. Excavation is due for completion at the end of February. Precast panel installation has commenced to the northern end of site.


2 February 2017

Site excavation is substantially complete with the bulk excavation due for completion in the next month. First basement slab pour has been completed and precast panel placement has commenced. The second tower crane is due to be installed in February.

16 January 2017

Detailed excavation and the placing of site concrete is now complete to approximately half of the site. Excavations are 90% complete and are due to be fully complete in February.

The installation of site offices on the upper level of the office gantry has now been completed.

16 December 2016

Detailed excavation and the placing of site concrete is now complete to approximately one third of the site. Stage one of the North core foundation beams has been poured as have two subsections of ground beams. Hardfill placement in preparation of basement slab construction has commenced and is approaching completion across the first foundation bays. Works to the site office gantry continue with offices expected to be in place on the upper level by the end of the week.

2 December 2016

The excavation of the site is nearly complete which has involved the removal of 15,000 cubic metres of spoil.

The crane has been erected and the ground beam concrete pour has started which is a significant milestone.

21 November 2016

The excavation of the site is around two thirds complete which has involved the removal of more than 10,000 cubic metres of spoil. The crane bases are being installed this week. Piling is completed and the ground beams are being installed in Area One.

7 November 2016

The excavation of the site is around 50% complete which has involved the removal of more than 8,500 cubic metres of spoil. All piling is completed.

In section 1 the waterproofing of the site is well underway and the ground beams are being installed.

25 October 2016

Ground beam construction has commenced and the piling works been completed.

The truck wash has been moved from the south entry to Karanga Plaza along with the water treatment plant.

The laying of waterproofing membrane in zone 1 is about to commence.

The excavation of the underground carpark is past the halfway mark with some 8,000.cubic metres removed to date.

The new exit onto Halsey St will be opened before the end of the month.

10 October 2016

The excavation of the underground carpark is nearing halfway completion and the piling that the Hotel will be supported by is nearing 75% completion. The water main alteration works have also been successfully completed and the site concrete has now been placed in Zone 1.

26 September 2016

Piling to Zone 1 and 2 of the PHA construction site is now complete. Zone 3 piling has commenced.

Zone 1 Stage 2, the detail cut is 60% complete, and Zone 2 Stage 1 excavation has commenced.  The western boundary of the site is currently being worked on and disruptions are being monitored. Concrete breaking is necessary this week in the excavation however the noise should not be excessive.

12 September 2016    

  • Check out the sites’ viewing portal in the hoardings at the end of Halsey Street.
  • More than 2800 cubic metres of material has been removed to date from the excavation, which extends down four metres.
  •  A permanent water treatment plant has been commissioned and is fully operational

29 August 2016

In order to allow the public to see the progress to date, a viewing portal has been placed on the north end of Halsey street side of the construction site – do have a look as there is a lot going on and children will love it.

This portal has been such a success it is going to be enlarged and lowered so children can see through easily.

On site drilling and piling works are well advanced and the pouring of the concrete piling is occurring typically 4-5 times a day.

The bulk excavation has commenced and good progress is being made.

Every effort is being made to minimise the noise and vibration of the piling equipment.


15 August 2016

China Hawkins Construction are now established on the Park Hyatt Auckland site with temporary site office, water storage plant and wheel wash facilities operational.

The permanent site accommodation is expected to arrive late August. The main site access gate/entrance is now open and functional at the end of Madden St.

On site piling works have commenced, and over the next two weeks an increase in piling production will occur and the bulk excavation will commence late August.

Every effort is being made to minimise the noise and vibration of the piling equipment.

CHC would like to introduce three of our key team members the public often runs into on a regular basis. From left to right, we have Joe, Derek and Josh. Joe is our senior gateman who has been with Hawkins Construction for many years now. He may also be recognised from being a part of the recently completed Auckland Waterfront Theatre project. Our other gateman is Josh, who is also working full-time on the PHA project. Derek is our permanent Cityguard Security Guard and he maintains the security of the PHA site after-hours.

1 August 2016

China Hawkins Construction took possession of the new Park Hyatt Hotel site earlier in the month. The site is now set up and fully operational. The new vehicle entrance way off Madden Street has been constructed. Piling for the new building will start to be put in place over the coming weeks.

20 July 2016
Activities over the next fortnight will include establishment of new hoarding lines and entry gates, offices and lunch rooms.

We will also be carrying out some investigatory ground works prior to piling starting on site in late July.

4 July 2016
Once site excavation starts there will be truck movements along Madden Street until the basement is excavated. The basement is one floor so this is expected to be a relatively quick process. The trucks and contractors vehicles will be parked inside the site until the project starts coming out of the ground.

29 March 2016

The demolition of the old ETNZ building concrete floor slab is nearing completion. Some old building piles were uncovered in the southern part of the site which was unexpected. Tenders for a construction firm close mid-April 2016. It is expected that construction, starting with basement excavation, will commence mid-2016. 

14 March 2016 

The demolition of the old ETNZ building and the concrete slab on which it was sitting is now complete. 

The ground break blessing and project ‘launch’ ceremony took place on the morning of 9 March 2016. There was both an Iwi and chineese blessing as well as a visit from Prime Minister John Key. You can read the article that was published following the launch here. 

The process to appoint a construction contractor is underway. 

29 February 2016 

The demolition of the old ETNZ building is complete. The concrete slab on which it was sitting has now also been removed. Solid hoardings along Halsey Street have been put in place. These will be in place for much of the duration of the project. Art work will be installed on these hoardings over the next week. 

Preparation for the ground break blessing and associated ‘launch’ ceremony on the morning of 9 March 2016 is underway. 

Hawkins Construction and Hawkins Infrastructure have now moved their offices off this site in preparation for excavation work. 

15 February 2016 

The internal strip out of the old ETNZ building is complete.  

Last of the salvaged structure will be dismantled by the end of this week with the remaining 20% of building structure (north of internal stairs) to be demolished by Monday 15th Feb. We appreciate your patience as the rest of this building comes down as their will be some loud banging and crashing.  

The break out of the concrete slab has commenced and is due for completion by 26th Feb.   Solid hoardings along Halsey Street have started to be put up. These will be in place for much of the duration of the project.

15 January 2016 

Careful removal of the external cladding and framing from the ETNZ building is well underway. The cladding and framing will be reused on another site. 

Over the next few week further cladding from the walls adjacent to Halsey Street and Karanga Plaza will be removed. 

The Ground break ceremony to signal commencement of construction is to be held early March 2016. Preparation for this event has commenced. 

20 December 2015 

Demolition of the internal building fit out is well underway. Removal of the building framing will commence in the New Year. The external façade of the building along Halsey Street will be removed section by section from5 January 2016. The footpath on the eastern site of Halsey will be narrowed while this work takes place. 

4 December 2015 

Yakka have been appointed as the contractor to demolish the old Emirates Team New Zealand Building. Emirates Team New Zealand have relocated to a harbour edge site off Beaumont Street. Demolition of the internal fit out of the ETNZ building will commence 7 December 2015. Demolition of the external façade will take place over January 2016.

A construction contractor is yet to be appointed. Ground break for the construction phase is programmed for 9 March 2016.