Feb 24 2016

Just behind ASB North Wharf on the corner of Madden and Halsey streets, a very special project is coming together.

In just seven short months a 650 seat, state-of-the-art theatre will open on the waterfront and become the new home to Auckland Theatre Company.  

The ASB Waterfront Theatre made considerable progress over the Christmas/New Year break which will see a practical completion in July. Ahead of the first show scheduled for October, the doors will be thrown open to the public in an open day in September.  

Designed by Moller Architects and BVN Architecture, the theatre will be accompanied by a 200-seat flexible studio space in the adjacent ASB building, an 80-seat meeting room and gallery, courtyard, bar and café. 

Sight lines, leg room, access points, sound proofing, and all the other factors that contribute to an enjoyable night at the theatre have been extensively reviewed by a team of specialist consultants during the design process, based on audience feedback. For added convenience, you can also pre-order your dinner and drinks when you purchase your ticket. 

While the theatre’s primary tenant will be the Auckland Theatre Company, who will be debuting their first show Billy Elliot on 8 October, the space will also be used by a range of theatre, comedy and dance companies as well as corporate businesses as a new events venue.  

While the programming for 2017 is still being finalised, there won’t be a shortage of shows says Auckland Theatre Company Communications Manager Michael Adams.  

“We are looking forward to a very busy summer programme and can’t wait to throw the doors open” “We’ve had such a positive response from local residents who are so excited  about what this will bring to the Wynyard Quarter. People will naturally gravitate here, it’s a sense of pride and ownership of the public infrastructure”, says Adams. 

It is also thought the theatre will add an extra element to the night life of the Quarter and will complement what is already on offer to the people who know and love the area.