Feb 02 2017

Pay and display machines are being replaced with more efficient system

On February 07, pay and display machines will be replaced with ‘pay by plate’ machines at Jellicoe Street and Eastern Viaduct car parks. This new technology will allow drivers to enter their vehicle registration number into a machine that then sends the information direct to Auckland Transport, so a paper ticket is no longer needed. Also on February 07, new signs will be installed at both car parks that will display the current parking rates. These will be as follows:

Jellicoe Street car parking charges:

- First hour free of charge (to be used once only within a 24 hour period).

- Monday to Saturday: $6 per hour for a maximum of four hours.

- Sundays/ public holidays: $2 per hour for a maximum of four hours.

Eastern Viaduct car parking charges:

- Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm: flat rate $12 for three hours

- Monday to Friday, 6pm to 8am: flat rate $12.

- Weekends (from 6pm Friday to 8am Monday): flat rate of $12 will apply until 6am the following day.