Dec 01 2016

For a delicious and nutritious meal accompanied by warm friendly staff, Wynyard Quarter’s Kindred is one to check out.

There’s a new kid on the block in Wynyard Quarter and we went to check it out. Kindred is a café/restaurant that is owned by the Wiley family who also run the fun and quirky Miss Clawdy’s in the Quarter. Kindred is a fresh and new style eatery with an emphasis on an all-day breakfast menu whilst doubling as a bar/restaurant in the evening. Belinda Wiley, heart of the creation, mother of doting sons Tom and Jeff and wife of Dennis Wiley describes the inspiration behind the eatery as a representation of her love for community and family. 

Belinda expresses a love for people and bringing them closer together, health coaching and a published book about stress are just some of the other skills she has under her belt. What better way to share these skills and passion than through delicious and healthy food that brings people together. In her cultivation of the eatery Belinda was intent on creating a space that invited people into a homely and relaxing environment in a world that is predominantly busy and stressful at times. This is shown through the design and layout of the venue, representing an open and authentic space dressed in art pieces from her family home.

Belinda describes the venue as having a feminine touch as she takes the reigns on this project in terms of design, people and culture. Fear not lads, there is something for everyone here with a great influence from Miss Clawdy owners and sons Tom and Jeff. You can expect meals catering to both those of traditional style menus with burgers and fries as well as those of a refined pallet with a tuna poke. With such versatility in the menu that pays close attention to those of dietary requirements it would be impossible to not to find something you love.