Aug 30 2016

Manager of the Auckland Fish Market and the Auckland Seafood School

The Auckland Fish Market is Auckland’s only seven-day food market selling super fresh fish, fruit, vegetables and delicatessen goods. Interestingly, it is also New Zealand’s only fish market that run Dutch style auctions where local restaurants, cafes and food suppliers bid on the catch of the day. Jo says that visitors to the fish market can expect an authentic and fun seafood experience from fishing boat to plate.

Jo says the best part of her job is the variety in her work and her interactions with locals and visitors every day. She says a lot has changed in the area - she has seen the roads and buildings being revitalised, as well as new and exciting restaurants and public spaces open for everyone to enjoy. A lot has stayed the same too – the gritty marine heritage and the fish market. Jo says she loves her sunny little deck where she gets to soak in the stunning views over the Waitemata and Wynyard Quarter.