Aug 29 2016

Jamie Lee Jerry is an Site traffic management supervisor in Wynyard Quarter.

Jamie Lee Jerry (centre) and his team Robert Pickering and Pita Kalolo provide Traffic Control in various areas in the Wynyard Quarter including the very busy  intersection of Halsey and Gaunt Street. They organise the many and varied street signs, cones and directional signals in what is an ever-changing site and provide help to the pedestrians and drivers in the area.

An STMS (Site Traffic Management Supervisor) is trained to set out a particular site to allow safe use by vehicles and pedestrians.

This is more complicated than it might sound as there are various classes of roads and each has specific regulations governing the type, size and placement of signs and equipment.

The STMS also needs to take into consideration that signage in one area will have a flow on effect to traffic and pedestrian movement in others and they have to keep pace with the constant changes required as construction advances.