Mar 18 2015

Putting down roots in Wynyard Quarter’s community garden

As Wynyard Quarter prepares for a new residential community, the ground work has begun in the form of a new communal garden.

The garden, established and supported by Ngati Whatua Orakei in partnership with Waterfront Auckland includes planters of vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers.

Mint, sage, thyme, carrot, tomatoes, kale and more are among the planter boxes which can be found on Daldy Street in Wynyard Quarter.

The fundamental idea behind the garden is that it has a communal feel. People are encouraged to stop by and help themselves as well as help to lay the roots for the garden to flourish.

One volunteer who has really helped to grow the initiative is Devonport resident Andrew Mackenzie.

Living in an apartment and not having his own garden, Andrew says his passion for gardens came from his childhood.

“We always had a great big garden at home and I grew my own vege garden at university, but apartment living you miss out on that. It’s great to be able to help grow an inner city garden that not only provides for me, but the whole community”.

 Andrew stops by the gardens to and from work, watering, weeding and planting new seeds.

“It’s quite therapeutic, it’s my time out to put on some headphones and zone out”.

Andrew says people love getting involved and gets help where he can. One woman even delivers worm wee to the garden which acts as a great fertiliser for the garden.

Waterfront Auckland Place Manager Frith Walker says the gardens are a great addition when creating sustainable, high-density living.

If you are keen to be involved with the community gardens, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch at