See the city different

Alex Little is a Development Coordinator at Auckland Theatre Company and is looking forward to bringing a bit of culture to the waterfront.

Tell us a little bit about yourself
I’m 26 years old and have been working at Auckland Theatre Company for almost two years now. I studied Media and Politics in Dunedin then went on to complete a post-grad in PR and Communications at AUT. Part of that course included working with a non-profit organisation in Auckland and I chose to work with Auckland Theatre Company, promoting the need for the Waterfront Theatre Project. Not long after I graduated a job became available at ATC and I was fortunate enough to be approached about it.    

What is your role at Auckland Theatre Company?
What do you enjoy the most? I’m the Development Coordinator which is one of those ambiguous titles that is always met with the follow up question – so what do you actually do? 

Basically as a non-profit organisation we rely heavily on the income received from various funders, sponsors and private benefactors and so it’s my job to execute all the day-to-day activity and engagement with these groups for both the company and the project. I’m also doing a lot of work with our Marketing Manager on the communications surrounding the Waterfront Theatre Project which I’m really enjoying. I love writing and I am so excited about the project so being in a job where I get to write about something I am passionate about is ideal.

What attracted Auckland Theatre Company to joining the Wynyard Quarter neighbourhood? There were myriad factors that influenced the decision to build in the Wynyard Quarter and this was actually a decision made well before I started with the company. The initial attraction was with ASB shifting their head office to the Wynyard Quarter. It opened up the opportunity for ATC to develop a home next door and utilise the 200 seat studio theatre that had already been built within the North Wharf building. It was a right place right time situation and with the exciting redevelopment of the Waterfront already underway ATC felt that bringing a cultural offering to the precinct would be mutually beneficial.

What are you personally looking forward to the most about being based in Wynyard Quarter?
Personally I just love the idea of creating a mixed use waterfront. I lived in Brisbane for nearly two years and used to love going out to Southbank where they have all the galleries and museums alongside the cafés, bars and restaurants lining the river bank.  I was there from 2010 – 2012 when the majority of the Waterfront transformation took place so when I moved back to Auckland and saw there was a similar thing happening I was absolutely blown away and now I get to work in the very thick of it. 

How has the journey been from starting the fund-raising process to getting that final green light?
The initial fundraising kicked off in 2011 with Auckland Council’s commitment – which again was something that happened before my time with the company. However even having been partially involved in 2012 while I was still studying and then working on the project in some shape or form every day for nearly two years - the excitement (and to be honest, relief) of finally getting the green light was incredible. It still feels slightly surreal that it’s going ahead but it did start to sink in when we held the project site blessing. That made it finally feel very official. I think I can speak for everyone involved on the project when I say it has been a long journey that is equal parts challenging and rewarding. And it’s far from over yet. 

Moana Pacific House is on its way down, when is the approx. move in date?
Construction is expected to take 20 months to complete so that would see the doors open in mid 2016. However, we will still need some time to fine tune and streamline everything before opening our inaugural season so it is more likely to be programmed for the end of 2016.